Designers, here’s autopilot

A web design tool for the automated era.

Hello, Autonomous Design 🪄

Sometimes when I close my eyes, I dream of a future where design is automated. We will speak to machines, where they understand our intentions, and make the ideas in our heads a reality.

Are we trading human creativity away with this convenience? Well, not quite. When building capabilities get democraticized, the original idea matter more than ever - all eyes are on it.

Auto's first release is a software for designing websites. It comes with a creation experience that's like no other. Take the selection tool. Make a selection. See suggestions auto-populate. Speak to it. Have tasks auto-complete. Transform your design to to a responsive site in a click. Trust your creativity, and take a wild ride on it.

Imagine this autonomous design future the next time you close your eyes. The team is working hard to get there, starting with today's release, and we're honored to get to do it with you. Get your hands on the release today - I can't wait to show you around.

- Auto team